About Tribesquare

Tribesquare is a software talent and product development company that leverages technology in helping software talents across Africa develop future skills and build a professional portfolio, through internships based learning. We’re creating a workforce of competent software talents, and together, we're helping early startups build core solutions for their businesses, at a fraction of the market value of the solution, so they can focus the remaining capital on other aspects of their business, like finding product-market fit, customer acquisiton and marketing, as well as sales.

We provide remote, specifically tailored, industry relevant, instructor-led software training and work engagement, through our web-based learning and internships platform, so learning can be more flexible, accessible, and engaging for Talents, and Startups can remotely manage projects, track progress in real time, and communicate effectively with team.

In general, we’re helping early African startups succeed, while closing the unemployment and talent-skills gap, using intuitive internet technology.

Our Vision

To become the number one provider of software talents out of Africa, for the purpose of powering the world’s next big startups.

Our Goal

To develop 1,000,000 software talents, and provide them in helping to build more than 10,000 early startups by 2030.

Our Core Values

Tribesquare is built on the following strengths:


Tribesquare is a software talent accelerator and product development company that develops experienced software engineers, recruiters never have to retrain. We’re creating a workforce of competent software engineers, and together, building the next biggest global tech startups.

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