About Program.

The Tribesquare fellowship is an 18months advanced learning and engagement program. The fellowship is offered both virtually and on-campus. During the program, you will be engaged with early startups, while building more advanced skillset needed for the work place. Working for startups will allow you gain a wealth of experience and build your portfolio, while helping startups succeed.

Building a startup is hard, and requires the right people, unfortunately startups do not have all the resources for the "more experienced" talents. However with talents like yourself - competent and determined to succeed, they can be rest assured that they're in safe hands. During this period, you will also earn some income, while building your portfolio, and wealth of experience.

At the end of your 18 months, you will be integrated with the best global tech companies, where you will help solve bigger challenges.


  • Must have intermediate knowledge of software design/programming.
  • Readiness to learn and work for early startups.


  • Become a Tribet
  • Help startups grow by building awesome products
  • Earn while learning and working
  • Get Internet stipends
  • Access to partner hubs and workspaces




18 months


Virtual and Campus

Want to become worldclass?


Tribesquare is a talent accelerator and recruitment company. We’re creating a workforce of competent software talents to help build products for early African technology startups first, then the rest of the world.

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