If you have any questions related to learning, this should help.

Do I need experience to start learning?

Absolutely not. You do not need any software knowledge or experience to get started, but you would need to be computer literate, and have access to a computer, as well as the internet. Perfect? Get started.

What will I learn?

We have 3 paths - Frontend (Web) and (Mobile), and Backend development. Depending on your preference, we will help you learn how to build software that matter, and help you get ready for your first job.

What is a cohort?

A cohort in our context is a class. A new cohort means a new class, with a new set of students.

What kind of support would I receive?

Depending on your plan, you will receive the following:
  • Live classes.
  • 1:1 mentorship.
  • Regular Code reviews.
  • General support and discussions.
  • Career Coach guidance.
  • Remote internship.

How flexible is the program?

For the "solo" plan, you're completely in charge of your learning pace. The other plans are cohort-based, and are currently only available full-time, during the day. Mentors are accessible at anytime of the day for 1:1, but live classes and other sessions have fixed times. Don't worry however, whatever you miss is bundled in a video for you to playback.

Why should I pay, when I can learn on my own?

Learning alone is boring and difficult; you need expert guidance, some real life work experience, and an opportunity to work with the best tech companies, which we offer.

How does Tribesquare compare to other alternatives?

  • Our pricing is flexible and affordable.
  • We train Zero-up. No experience nor assessment is required.
  • Experience is everything for us. With access to hands-on and real life work, we'd help you become hot-ready for recruitment.
  • Our platform provides work and recruitment directly to your dashboard. No need to go in search for jobs, recruiters apply to you!

Ready to kick-start your career?


Tribesquare is a virtual software talent and product development company. We develop experienced software engineers, recruiters never have to retrain. We’re creating a workforce of competent software engineers, and together, building the next biggest technology startups.