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Every startup needs the right people from start, who can drive innovation and help grow their business; but hiring the best people can be really hard and expensive for small to medium growth African startups. To make it easier, we provide startups with a dedicated team of competent software developers, groomed by us; to deliver on your projects at a fee you can afford, so you only get to worry about your market. As a plus, we also provide a senior software developer, and follow you all the way, to ensure that everything goes fine from start to finish. Ready to create awesomeness?

Tribesquare Startups

Your Idea is 100% Protected

Trust is an integral part of our culture. We provide you with a signed Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) as a commitment to the 100% safety of your Idea.

Your Product is 100% your own

You have complete ownership of the code and design assets. Everything, A-Z is yours!

Dedicated Team

We set up a dedicated and personalized team for your job. You have complete access to and direct communication with your team 24/7.

Speed, Reliabilty & Quality

We thrive to deliver a stable minimum viable product (MVP) early enough (usually 2-4 months depending on complexity and features)

Pay As You Grow

We understand that you are a startup, and may not, at the moment be able to pay for competent software teams. Don't worry, we've got your back. Pay what you can when you can.

24/7 Support

We do not just set up developer teams just for you, we set up dedicated support teams to make sure you are 100% satisfied, all the time.

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Tribesquare accelerates global talents for African startups. We’re developing people and technology that will drive growth in Africa, and empowering the next generation of global innovators through affordable software training, hiring, and innovation.

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