Technical Partner for startup teams.

As a startup, finding the right technical people and building your software product can be difficult and expensive. Partner with us, pay only what you can afford now, and launch faster!

Pay what
you can afford

Get a
dedicated team

in 8 weeks

Why Partner with us?

Few reasons why you should partner with us already.

100% Idea Protection and Ownership.

Trust is an integral part of our culture. We provide you with a signed Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) as a commitment to the 100% safety of your Idea. Download NDA

Furthermore, you have complete ownership of the code and design assets. Everything, A-Z is yours!

Dedicated Team and Support.

We put together the best engineering talents, dedicated 24/7 to getting your product from idea to launch. Your team consists of a project manager, and other talents based on your project need.

Your product development is not in isolation. We create a private channel where you remotely access and communicate with team 24/7, and monitor product development. With us, you will never walk alone.

Speed, Reliabilty & Quality Guaranteed.

We strive to deliver a stable minimum viable product (MVP) in 8-10 weeks, depending on the complexity and features of your project.

Our technology stack are the most reliable and relevant. We employ world-class coding standards that ensure that your project is modular and scalable, that any other person can conveniently handle it.

Partner till you launch the end.

There is no fear of last minute disappointments, chasing a developer up and down, or a case of a developer being unavailable when you need him/her. Your project is not dependent on any developer. If one leaves, we replace him/her. The fact is, we got you!

Our utmost goal is to ensure that you launch, and going forward get your first cheque. No slowing down, no retreat, no surrender, until you are liquid and stable enough to permanently recruit, and where else to recruit from other than here?!

Pay only what you can afford.

We understand that you are a startup, and have a lot to do with money. Product development can be expensive as well, but do not worry, we've got your back.

We determine how much your project is worth in the market, but you determine what you can afford now - the only rule is be honest and fair! The more honest and fair you are, the more our chances of working with you.

How it works.

Our process is pretty straight forward.


Application Stage

We have said quite a lot. If you understand our value proposition and you're willing to give us a shot, here is your chance. Make a request here.


Profiling Stage

On application, you will receive an email with next steps. You will be expected to supply comprehensive details of your project/idea, team, and model to proceed.


Review/Acceptance Stage

Our team will do a due deligence on your submissions. If we feel you have done your homework, we will send you a quotation and schedule, and try to reach a middle ground for working together.


Agreement Stage

The next step after reaching a middle ground would be to sign an MOU. We would send you one. If you want to send it instead, fine. All we need is an understanding of everyone's roles.


Initial Commitment Stage

If we have got to this point, it means you are ready to drop some "cash." Just go ahead and make your payment(s), notify us, we'd confirm it, and gbam! we are unto the next stage.


Commencement Stage

Our partnership is triggered at this point. We will put together a great technical team and create a remote channel for communication, and the project will commence!

Partnership Criteria.

We partner with those who meet the following criteria.


We work mostly with teams - you should already (or intend to) have at least one other person to help you run your startup. This is in fact a necessity for you, and we care about it.

Viable Business Model

Your business model is essential. If we would invest our time and people, you must have done your homework. We are however dedicated to helping you improve your model.

Initial Capital

The goal is to help you save for other important aspects of your business like customer acquisition, so you must show proof of available capital for at least 3 months of runway.

Featured Projects.

Startups/Projects we have or are helping give life to.

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