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Access learning resources and tools, and a community of learners as well as mentors, all to ensure that your growth is smoother and without roadblocks.


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Start acquiring practical and real life experience by applying your "small" theoritical knowledge in building products early.


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Even though you start for experience, over time*, you'd earn work stipends, qualify for a full/partial scholarship, and never worry about food :)


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We partner with your favourite companies. Work your way to the top and get a full time offer at top partner companies, after graduation!

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You're qualified to compete for a place in our top 5%, if you

  • Are a Freshman or Sophomore Student of any tertiary institution.

  • Can combine working with schooling, and excel in both.

  • Already learned to code and love to build products.


In school, learning is easier; you have support, access to learning resources, and focus. After school, life happens!

- Azunna-Benny Kelechi,
CEO, Tribesquare


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