Frontend Mobile Track

HTML React native
CSS Redux
Javascript DevOps


  1. Getting Started.
    • Orientation, Program structure, Expectations, Tools and Installations, Programming concepts intro.
    • 1 week.
  2. Web Fundamentals
    • HTML, CSS, Version control wth GIT, HTML Components, CSS tools and libraries, and Projects.
    • 5 weeks.
  3. Javascript Foundation.
    • Basic and advanced Javascript concepts, and Projects.
    • 8 weeks.
  4. JS Frameworks.
    • React Native, State Management with Hooks & Redux, Navigation & React-Router, and Projects.
    • 7 weeks.
  5. DevOps
    • SSH, SFTP, GCP/AWS, Continous Deployment & Integration, Docker.
    • 1 week
  6. Labs & Wrapping Up
    • Participate in a set of remote work, build your portfolio. Build up Reśume.
    • Final Projects.
    • 10 weeks

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