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Virtual learning platform that provides software mentorship and internships for students while learning, and recruitment after school. Don't wait to begin after school. Start your software journey already.


Your Journey To A-XPerience

Become a global software talent with a fussion of personal mentorship and real life work.

Learn form Scratch.

To participate, all you need is a super awesome attitude towards learning. Novice, Beginner, or intermediate, we start from the basics, and get you to "Rockstar".

Pay Nothing only a Token.

It's a long road ahead, but we are commited to walking with you. This token shows us that you too, are willing and prepared to going on this journey with us.

Self-Paced, Mentor-Led.

Learn at your own pace. Receive expert guidance 24/7. Collaboration with other students. The faster your pace, the earlier you can access work and start earning.

Access Work.

We're all about work. Quickly pace yourself to real life projects. Start working, solve bigger problems, grow in experience and ranking, and earn higher.

Get Recruited.

Keep learning and working. Your work speaks for you. Reach the top. At the top, the best tech companies apply to you. Accept an offer immediately after school.

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As a startup, finding the right technical people and building your software product can be difficult and expensive. Want to become Africa's next big startup? Partner with us, pay only what you can afford now, and launch faster!

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Access Africa's brightest engineers to help scale your operations. With real life experiences from building Africa's next big startups, we boast of talents with far better problem solving and analytical skills.

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Road to 1 million software engineers by 2030.
Become one of them.

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