Aspiring to Pro Software Engineers.

With the combination of the best courses, mentors, and work, we transform the most motivated novices into experienced software engineers.


Tribesquare a virtual learning and work platform for aspiring software engineers. It combines the best courses, with a world-class curriculum, mentors, and real life work that guarantees a better, faster, and more engaging experience. Don't get stuck learning alone. Learn at your own pace, everything you need to get hired, start building real products with the guidance of expert engineers, and finally access recruitment.


How it works.

Becoming a world class engineer in 6 steps.


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Want to become a "Rockstar" Software Engineer, and land your dream job? Start your journey by applying. Application is free.


Choose Path

Choose from backend, frontend, or mobile. Don't worry if you're not yet sure which you prefer. Start with the fundamentals, and choose later.


Start Learning

Access the best curriculum and courses based on path, get a personal mentor, and join a community of developers like yourself, to easen your journey.


Build Real Products

Qualify for hands on projects after participating in all learning sprints. Build MVPs, receive stipends, and get yourself to the world class software engineer, tech companies want.


Get Offers

If you have got to this point, it means you have gathered enough experience for your first recruitment. The best part is, you relax and watch the best companies apply to you.


Accept an Offer

Done with school, or ready enough to take an available offer? Just take it, and be on your way to working where you've always dreamed!


  • Backend Development

  • Frontend Development (Web)

  • Frontend Development (Mobile)



  • Be computer literate.

  • Be ready to put in as much time and effort.

  • Have access to a computer with active internet connectivity.


Don't let finance hold you back. Choose what works for you!



Access multiple courses. Learn at your own pace. Community support. Group mentorship. Access to UNPAID remote internships. ISA-based Recruitment.



Access multiple courses. Learn at your own pace. 10mins daily personal mentor support. Community support. Group mentorship. Access to PAID remote internships. Career coach guidance. ISA-based Recruitment.



Access multiple courses. Learn at your own pace. 25mins daily personal mentor support. Community support. Group mentorship. Pair programming. Additional code review sessions. Access to PAID remote internships. Personal gig opportunity. Career coach guidance. NON-ISA Recruitment.

*Payments end when your learning phase ends, and your internships phase begins, and that pace depends on you.

Still in school? Find out what this means for you as a student

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions related to learning, this should help.

Do I need experience to start learning?

Absolutely not. You do not need any software experience to start, but you would need to have some basic knowledge of how to use a computer, and be willing to learn with just enough guidance.

What will I learn?

We have 3 paths - Frontend (Web) and (Mobile), and Backend development. Depending on your preference, we will help you learn how to build software that matter. Courses include HTML/CSS, Javascript, Node/React/React Native, DevOps, etc.

Why should I pay, especailly when I can learn on my own?

Learning alone is boring and difficult; you need expert guidance, some real life work experience, and an opportunity to work with the best tech companies, which we provide.

What kind of support would I receive?

Depending on your plan, you will receive the following:
  • Pair programming & one-on-one support.
  • Regular Code reviews.
  • Group discussions and collaboration.
  • General support and discussions.
  • Career Coach guidance.

How flexible is the program?

You are in charge of your own learning. You determine how quickly you cover the curriculum, start accessing real life work, and can get hired, by pacing yourself through your learning path.

How does Tribesquare compare to other alternatives?

  • Our program is completely remote.
  • Our mentors and facilitators are experts in their field.
  • Our pricing is flexible and affordable.
  • You are not alone. You receive guided learning through pair programming, one-on-one mentoring and support.
  • You access some real life work, to help grow your experience, prior to your recruitment.
  • We help provide recruitment opportunities on completing path.

Our Wonderful Mentors

Azunna-Benny Kelechi
Faculty Director

  • CEO and Founder at Tribesquare, Nigeria.
  • Holds a BSc. Software Engineering.
  • Over 7years experience in software development.
Lars Alexander Blumberg
Faculty Director

  • Head Of Technology at, Germany.
  • Co-Founder at Schulgenie UG.
  • Holds a Masters in IT Systems Engineering.
  • Been developing computer systems since he was 10.
Nwanze Franklin
Faculty Member

  • Senior Developer at Urgasoft, Nigeria.
  • Former CTO at Tribesquare.
  • Develops advanced programs for Blockchain, AI, etc.
  • More than 5 years of experience.
Jude Ben
Faculty Member

  • Intel Machine-Learning Innovator at Intel Nervana, London.
  • Self-taught all round engineer.
  • AI, Deep learning and Blockchain enthusiast.
  • More than 5 years of experience.
Ezeoke Onyekachi
Faculty Member

  • Fullstack software developer at Andela, Nigeria.
  • Over 3 years programming experience.
Nnaji Richard
Faculty Member

  • Fullstack software developer at GenesysTechhub, Nigeria.
  • Over 3 years programming experience.
Harrison Favour
Faculty Member

  • Fullstack software developer at Tenece, Nigeria
  • Over 3 years programming experience.
Wale Goodness
Support Member

  • Backend developer at Softnation, Nigeria
  • Developer Advocate at Tribesquare


Tribesquare is a software talent and product development company that develops experienced entry level software talents, recruiters never have to retrain. We’re creating a workforce of competent software talents, and together, building the next biggest tech startups.

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