(Supporting Early Engineers and Developers)

About SEED.

The Supporting Early Engineers and Developers (SEED) initiative was initiated by Tribesquare to help find support for the most motivated aspiring software engineers, who may still not find it affordable enough to participate in our virtual learning program, but are fully interested and willing to succeed if given the opportunity.

SEED is provided by organisations and individuals that are looking to invest in young talents, and promote innovation and technological advancement in Africa. The support primarily help beneficiaries access free virtual training for 6 months on Tribesquare.

Each SEED is unique; depending on the SEED, beneficiaries may also have access to other perks and forms of support, and may be subject to terms and conditions outlined by the sponsor -all of which will be openly communicated on the SEED page.


The only requirments to qualify for a seed are:

  • You're already registered on Tribesquare for a particular cohort.
  • You meet Tribesquare's general requirements as specified here.
  • You meet the requirements specified on the page of the seed you intend to apply for.

Available Seeds.

Upcoming Seeds.

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